The next PUN will be held on Thursday May 19th 2011 at the Lunatech office in Rotterdam. The Lunatech promised to provide a full fridge.

We start at 19:30. However if you want to join us for pizza at 18:30, send an email to with meat/veg preference.


If you plan on joining, put yourself on visitor list down below to give everybody an idea of how many people are coming and who.

Note: you're free to come in any case, registering is just to get a rough idea on the amount of people.



By Maurits van Rees.


  1. Jan-Jaap Driessen

  2. Peter Hilton, Lunatech

  3. Nicolas Leroux, Lunatech

  4. Mendelt Siebenga
  5. Niels Bom

  6. JoostCassee

  7. Matthijs Kadijk
  8. Zaheer Soebhan
  9. Govert Buijs
  10. Kresimir Karamazen

  11. Ivo van der Wijk, m3r consultancy

  12. Jasper Spaans

  13. Jeroen Dekkers
  14. Kit Blake

  15. Sylvain Viollon (20:30)
  16. Kuno Woudt

  17. Martijn Faassen
  18. Steve Alexander

  19. Dominik Bartkowski
  20. Maurits van Rees

  21. Mark van Lent

  22. Gert Hengeveld

  23. Achiel van der Mandele

  24. Roald de Vries

  25. Michiel Kalkman

  26. Erik Bakker, Lunatech

Unfortunately not coming

  1. Remco Wendt :(

  2. definitely not you!


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