The next PUN will be held on Thursday October 20th 2011 at the IJ kantine in Amsterdam. The venue is sponsored by

We start at 19:30.


If you plan on joining, put yourself on visitor list down below to give everybody an idea of how many people are coming and who.

Note: you're free to come in any case, registering is just to get a rough idea on the amount of people.



  1. Jan-Jaap Driessen
  2. Steve Alexander

  3. Boaz Leskes
  4. Frank Niessink
  5. Ivo van der Wijk

  6. Remco Wendt, Maykin Media

  7. Maurits van Rees, Zest Software

  8. Jasper Spaans, Fox-IT

  9. Joël Cox

  10. Chris Wesseling (CWI)

  11. Mark van Lent, Edition1

  12. Vincent Pretre, Zest Software

  13. Tikitu de Jager, Buzzcapture

  14. Sylvain Viollon, Infrae

  15. Jan-Wijbrand Kolman,
  16. Jan Murre
  17. Pieter Swinkels, Nelen & Schuurmans

  18. Wim Boucquaert, Infrae

  19. Kit Blake, Infrae

Unfortunately not coming

  1. definitely not you!


By Maurits van Rees


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