The next PUN will be held on Wednesday February 15th 2012 at the ABC Treehouse. The venue is sponsored by ABC Treehouse, drinks are sponsored by Maykin Media.

We start at 19:30.


If you plan on joining, put yourself on visitor list down below to give everybody an idea of how many people are coming and who.

Note: you're free to come in any case, registering is just to get a rough idea on the amount of people.


Some thoughts on Freemind and Gerrit, by Jasper Spaans


  1. Remco Wendt, Maykin Media

  2. Sylvain Viollon, Infrae

  3. Jan-Jaap Driessen, The Health Agency
  4. Jan-Wijbrand Kolman, The Health Agency
  5. Jasper Spaans, Fox-IT

  6. Nicolaas Heyning,

  7. Bas Peschier, Fabrique

  8. Freark van der Bos, Proteon

  9. Kit Blake, Infrae | Gauss

  10. Stephan Preeker

  11. Zaheer Soebhan
  12. Dirkjan Ochtman,

  13. Wim Feijen,

  14. Achiel,

  15. Maurits van Rees, Zest Software

  16. Tikitu de Jager, Buzzcapture

  17. Joeri Bekker, Maykin Media

  18. Johan Otten Kaptu

  19. Matias Cascallares Hyves

  20. ReinoutVanRees Nelen & Schuurmans

  21. Rodrigo Pimentel (Echie), Hyves

  22. Stefano Masini Aramis

  23. Roland van Laar Pareto

  24. Jacob Vosmaer

  25. Erik Romijn

Maybe (hopefully!)

  1. Martin van Buuren (CWI)

  2. Roald Hopman

  3. Yuri Kok

  4. Alex de Landgraaf
  5. Gijs Molenaar

  6. Stani

Unfortunately not coming

  1. Guido Kollerie

  2. Dennis Bunskoek, Leukeleu / Ride The Pony

  3. Bart Heesink, Leukeleu

  4. Pien Wesselink, Leukeleu

  5. Michael van de Waeter, Leukeleu

  6. Chi Shang Cheng, Leukeleu

  7. Niels van Dijk, Leukeleu


Maurits van Rees


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