This PUN meetup is organized by Fox-IT and held on december 17th 2009 starting from 19:30. The venue is: the Fox-IT offices in Delft, see: this map on google maps

Please see the Visitors and IDs section below for the visitor's policy of the Fox-IT offices.


PUN presentations will start around 19:30. For visitors who would like to join for dinner, a buffet meal will be served in the Fox-IT canteen around 18:30, free of charge.

If you're interested, please do let me know so that enough food can be arranged. Contact me (Christo) at cbutcher at fox-it dot com; don't forget to include a scanned ID as described below.

Visitors and IDs

This meetup will be held at Fox-IT, a security company. To be allowed into the building you must present a valid ID (passport, Dutch drivers license, European ID card, verblijfsvergunning, etc.) at the office's front desk. Please also read the following paragraph about pre-registering because not doing so may cause unwanted delays.

Because the meetup is in the evening, the regular office staff won't be present to take care of the PUN visitors. For the administration to happen efficiently, please scan your ID and send it to me (Christo, cbutcher at fox-it dot com). This way the regular staff can handle the administration during normal working hours and visitors can just show up without any extra hassle. This information will be treated very carefully; this administration is required by law, and the information will definitely not be used for any other purpose such as marketing. If you prefer real paper, send a copy to the postal address below:

Fox-IT (t.a.v. Christo)
Olof Palmestraat 6
2616 LM  Delft

Route : (if someone would like to translate this, please go ahead)



Attendee list

If you plan to attend please leave your name here:

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