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'''Internet Programming with Python (Out of print)''' '''Internet Programming with Python'''
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'''Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours (Out of print)''' '''Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours'''

The books in this category are all out of print. They're listed here for historical reference.

Internet Programming with Python

  • Aaron Watters, Guido van Rossum, and James Ahlstrom

1558514848, MIS Press/Henry Holt, 467 pages (October, 1996)

This was the very first Python book to be published, narrowly beating O'Reilly's _Programming Python_ into print by a few weeks.

[http://www.pythonpros.com/arw/ipwp.html Home page] [http://www.fsbassociates.com/books/pythonchpt1.htm Sample chapter] [http://www.ercb.com/ddj/1998/ddj.9810.html Sean McGrath's review in the October 1998 DDJ]


Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours

  • Ivan van Laningham

0672317354, Publisher: SAMS, 528 pages (April 2000)

This book's primary aim is to teach programming using Python as the language. Readers don't need previous programming experience.

[http://www.pauahtun.org/TYPython/ Home page] [http://www.pauahtun.org/TYPython/errata-first-printing.html Errata] [http://www.amk.ca/python/books/typython.html Review by AMK]

Perl to Python Migration

  • Martin C. Brown

0201734885 Addison Wesley Professional, 320 pages (2002)

"Are you a Perl programmer who would like to be able to programme in Python? Brimming with a wealth of practical examples and resources this book will show you how."

[http://www.bookpool.com/.x/aii6z8re71/sm/0201734885 Description]

Python Annotated Archives

  • Martin Brown

0072121041, McGraw-Hill, September 1999

Core Python Programming

  • Wesley J. Chun

0130260363, Prentice Hall PTR, 816 pages (January 2001)

From an anonymous reviewer: "Very well written. It is the clearest, friendliest book I have come across yet for explaining Python, and putting it in a wider context. It does not presume a large amount of other experience. It may be too slow for more advanced people, but it does go into some important Python topics carefully and in depth. Unlike too many beginner books, it never condescends or tortures the reader with childish hide-and-seek prose games. Not too many in-depth real-world examples in the book [hopefully he will do a followup volume], it sticks to gaining a solid grasp of Python syntax and structure."

Covers up to Python 2.0. CD-ROM for Unix, Win32, and MacOS.

[http://starship.python.net/crew/wesc/cpp Book Website (errata, reviews, downloads, etc.)] [http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-pbook3.html Review by IBM/David Mertz (May 2002)] [http://www2.linuxjournal.com/lj-issues/issue85/4564.html Linux Journal review (May 2001)] [http://www.china-pub.com/computers/common/info.asp?id=3097 Chinese edition] [http://safari1.oreilly.com/main.asp?bookname=0130260363 O'Reilly/electronic edition] [http://www.prakashbooks.com/details.php3?id=5806 Indian edition (English)] [http://www.wowbook.com/computer/book/info/book_detail.asp?isbn=ISBN89-450-7052-4 Korean edition] [http://www.accu.org/bookreviews/public/reviews/c/c002320.htm Association of C/C++ Users review (Apr 2001)] [http://www.awaretek.com/CorePython.html Review by Ron Stephens/Python Liberation Front] [http://home.jam.rr.com/mspiggie/gettingstarted.html Review by Rob Andrews/Useless Python/MS PIGgie]

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