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I recommend the WikiNode as a way of discovering connections between wiki. I've been working on the concept for a while, but could still use a lot of help.

The best way to understand it, is to just traverse the local WikiNodesNetwork, starting with our own WikiNode. Walk around a bit, and see what it's like.

To get into the nuts and bolts of it, visit the WikiNodes wiki.

-- LionKimbro

Thinki salvage

Thinki used to be a second major python wiki, similar in scope to

It appears to be gone. The Internet Archive last captured the homepage on Dec 2007, spammed. The previous Oct 2007 homepage capture looks intact.

TODO: has several now broken links to Thinki pages. These could be repointed at the IA captures. Or the Thinki interwiki link could be repointed, so Thinki:UsingPythonWithOtherLanguages would expand to UsingPythonWithOtherLanguages instead of UsingPythonWithOtherLanguages (404).

TODO: Thinki had a lot of content, not all of which seems to have ever made it into The IA captures provide an opportunity to copy information into To keep track of incremental progress, you might add notes below as you look around, evaluate pages, and pull content across.

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