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Here are links to just a few of the organizations that use Python.

You can also visit [ Pythonology] to read some other success stories, and can look through the papers from the various [ Python conferences] to find other organizations that are using Python.


Web Development

[ Yahoo Maps]

Yahoo acquired Four11, whose address and mapping lookup services were implemented in Python. Yahoo Maps still uses Python today, as can be seen by examining its URLs.

[ Yahoo Groups]

A comprehensive public archive of Internet mailing lists that was originally implemented in pure Python. At one point Scott Hassan, one of the founders of Findmail/eGroups (the company that was later acquired by Yahoo), reported that they had 180,000 lines of Python underlying everything from their 100% dynamic website to all email delivery, pumping out 200 messages/second on a single 400 MHz Pentium.

[ Google]

Many components of the Google spider and search engine are written in Python (mentioned on [ Slashdot]).

[ Zope Corporation]

Zope Corporation has developed a powerful Web application server using Python that's available as free software.

[ Ultraseek]

Ultraseek Server, a commercial search engine product, is implemented as an elaborate multi-threaded Python program with primitive indexing and search operations performed by a built-in module. Most of the program is written in Python, and both the built-in spider and HTTP server can be customized with additional Python code. The program contains over 11,000 lines of Python code, and the user interface is implemented with over 17,000 lines of Python-scripted HTML templates.

[ Linux Weekly News]

Linux Weekly News is published using a Web application written in Python using the Quixote framework.


Mojam's [ Musi-Cal] web site provides easy access to the most up-to-date worldwide live music information: concerts, festivals, gigs and other musical events. Much of the back-end (database and email interfaces) is written in Python.


[ Battlefield 2]

Battlefield 2 uses python to implement core elements of the gameplay such as score keeping and team balancing. Check out the [ BF2 Tech Wiki] for sample BF2 Python scripts and information about API.

[ Crystal Space]

The Crystal Space 3D Engine uses python for scripting through a plug-in mechanism. Python scripts can be dynamically invoked from within the engine depending on game specific actions. Python can also be used to program the main game core. It has full access to the C++ Crystal Space API.

[ Star Trek Bridge Commander]

The game "Star Trek Bridge Commander" by [ Totally Games] uses Python both as the mission scripting language and also for a ton of other features.

[ The Temple of Elemental Evil] and [ Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines]

"Greyhawk: The Temple of Elemental Evil" and "Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines" use Python extensively for pretty much everything except the rendering engines - game logic, interface, etc. Both games have strong modding communities.

There is a short [ interview with Steve Moret] from Troika Games about using Python in ToEE (and looking forwards to Bloodlines).

[ Civilization 4]

The new addition to the legendary strategy game series has all its inner logic, including AI, implemented in Python. The interface is exposed, so the modding community can easily take advantage of it.

[ Quark] (Quake Army Knife)

Quark is a level-editor for Quake, Quake II and Half-Life written mostly in Python. One can also write plug-ins for it in Python.

Other commercial games that have used Python include:

There's [ a paper from the 2002 Game Developer Conference] that provides more information about Python and game development.


[ Industrial Light & Magic]

ILM uses Python in the production of their FX, as described in the RenderMan Course Notes from Siggraph 2001 (they name "The Phantom Menace", "The Mummy Returns" and other productions as ones where Python was used...).

[ Walt Disney Feature Animation]

Walt Disney Feature Animation is also using Python to add scriptability to their animation production system.


Hibbitt, Karlsson & Sorensen, Inc. have incorporated Python into their ABAQUS/CAE finite element analysis programs. From their March, 1998 product newsletter:

[ RoboFog]

RoboFog is a scriptable font editor for the Macintosh. It is basically good old Fontographer with an embedded Python interpreter. Developed by Petr van Blokland, Just van Rossum and Erik van Blokland.

[ Caligari Corporation]

Caligari Corporation's flagship product, trueSpace, uses Python to allow users rapid prototyping with scripting. trueSpace is a 3D modeling and animation tool, and with Python, users can now create custom modeling and animation effects, as well as create a simple interactive application or a game prototype entirely inside trueSpace.

[ Blender 3D]

The 3D modeling program Blender 3D makes use of Python as an extension language. Blender 3D is a free program with a large community of users.

[ Jasc Software, Paint Shop Pro]

Starting with Version 8, Paint Shop Pro uses Python as its scripting language.


[ Altis Investment Management]

A complete RMS (Risk Management System) is written in Python (2.5). The system is used to track portfolios, calculate performance attributions, VaR (value at risk), perform factor analysis etc.

[ ABN AMRO Bank, Treasury Systems]

The trade to risk management interfaces translate new and updated trade information from our trading system to the, internally written, bank-wide risk information system. SWIG was used to wrap the required parts of the 3rd party C++ trading system class library; we also wrapped the CORBA interface to the risk system using SWIG. Python was used to describe the structural and field value mapping. There are 3052 lines of Python code in the system.

[ Bellco Credit Union]

The online banking system for Bellco Credit Union is written in Python. The product is known as SAFE (Secure Access Financial Enterprise)[TM], a product suite developed by [ Sapereon].


[ National Weather Service]

Mike Callahan wrote: "The National Weather Service [...] has included Python with Tkinter on the latest build of our main computer system. This system is installed at 120 offices across the country. This is the system where we make maps, write forecasts, issue warnings, and basically do most of our work."

The [ Radar Remote Sensing Group] at the University of Cape Town.

RRSG uses Python as the glue language for their G2 airborne synthetic aperture radar processor as well as in general software prototyping.

[ Biosoft]

Biosoft is using an embedded Python interpreter in their [ ModKine] product. ModKine is a pharmacokinetic analysis program for Windows 9x/NT that allows users to enter their own transformation and curve-fitting functions in Python.

[ The National Research Council of Canada]

The High Performance Computing Group at the National Research Council of Canada uses Python as an essential tool in its activities related to building computational grids - binding together a variety of applications running on a variety of platforms.

[ Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Theoretical Physics Division]

Scientists in the Theoretical Physics Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory are using Python to control large-scale physics codes on massively parallel supercomputers, high-end servers, and clusters. Python plays a central role in controlling these simulations, performing data analysis, and visualization. To support these efforts, Python has been ported to run over MPI. The [ SWIG interface generation tool] has also been developed to support the integration of legacy applications with Python and to build modules for physics applications.

[ AlphaGene, Inc.]

AlphaGene is a leader in gene and protein discovery and gene expression technologies. AlphaGene uses Python as the core of its bioinformatics/tracking system -- binding together a variety of data input sources, an Oracle database, large-scale genetic analysis, specialized supercomputers and an html-based system interface. Python has proven to be an excellent language for efficiently integrating these and other heterogeneous tasks.


A group at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories is basing a new numerical engineering environment on Python, replacing a home-grown scripting language of ten-year standing. [ Paul Dubois] is a central figure in that effort.


Johnson Space Center uses Python in its Integrated Planning System as the standard scripting language. Efforts are underway to develop a modular collection of tools for assisting shuttle pre-mission planning and to replace older tools written in Perl and shell dialects. Python will also be installed in the new Mission Control Center to perform auxiliary processing integrated with a user interface shell. Ongoing developments include an automated grammar based system whereby C++ libraries may be interfaced directly to Python via compiler techniques. This technology can be extended to other languages in the future.

[ Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI)]

SMHI is the home of the Swedish civilian weather, hydrological and oceanographic services. Its Python-based remote sensing software for automatic product generation, using NOAA and Meteosat data, provides information to bench forecasters, objective analysis schemes, and commercial interests such as the media. This system receives raw data from several weather satellites, and produces images for many purposes, including the satellite images used for the presentation of the daily weather on Swedish [ TV 4].

At SMHI's Research & Development Unit, a Python-based "Radar Analysis and Visualization Environment" (RAVE) has been developed for use with the national network of eleven C-band weather radars. A Python-based system is also used to exchange radar data with other nordic countries.

[ Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)]

ESRI is a leader in the field of Geographic Information Systems (software that relates data to location). As of version 9.0 of ESRI's ArcView software suite, ESRI uses Python as a scripting language and distributes the Python runtime. ESRI has released the Python interface library to its products as an open source package called [ AVPython].

Electronic Systems (ES) Development

[ Productivity Design Tools]

Productivity Design Tools (PDTi) is an [ Electronics Design Automation (EDA)] company providing the most extensible [ Electronic System Level (ESL)] tools for managing [" IP] specifications, and automating code and documentation generation. [ Soft IP] generators built upon PDTi's SpectaGen Framework make significant efficiency improvements for all [ aspects] of system and chip development. PDTi was founded to address needs identified during its founder's time as a chip developer. Unlike the typical in-house solution or the competitors' offerings, SpectaGen is flexible enough for any environment and is designed to be extended based on customer-specific knowledge and design experience using [ object-oriented] Python and XML.

PDTi's SpectaReg product is an eXtensible [ Memory-Mapped Register] generator.

Software Development

[ Object Domain]

Object Domain is a Java-implemented, comprehensive CASE (Computer Assisted Software Engineering) tool. As of version 2.0 they migrated from Tcl scripting to Jython:

[ Red Hat]

The Red Hat Linux distribution uses Python for its installer (anaconda) and configuration utilities.

[ SGI, Inc.]

SGI is using Python for its Linux installer, for various SGI Linux products (such as for clustering, ISP, system console, failsafe, workstation and servers). This installer is derived from the Red Hat Anaconda installer.

A Python runtime is available for the EFI (fancy BIOS, sorta) environment being developed by Intel for SGI's IA64 Itanium and future IA32 systems. You can find mention of this at .

[ MCI Worldcom]

The Data Subnet Manager, MCI Worldcom's internal frame relay configuration and provisioning suite, currently uses Jython for regression testing, interactive debugging, and rapid prototyping of its Java client. It also uses CPython in automated build processes and CGI scripts.

[ Nokia]

Nokia is using Python to provide high level programming environment for their [ S60 (Symbian)] and [ Maemo (Linux)] platforms


[ University of California, Irvine]

The campus has developed dozens of Python applications including a Searchable Schedule of Classes, TELE-Vision (a system that allows students to view/update their confidential information including class schedule, financial status, fee information, books for courses, etc), a real-time class roster retrieval and grade posting system for faculty, and an interface to the campus' CCSO "ph" nameserver. All of these services are available via the web.

[ New Zealand Digital Library]

The NZDL's PostScript to ASCII converter project, [ PreScript], was converted from Perl to Python for the sake of maintainability.

[ IT Certification Exam preparation]

Ensure your success in IT Certification exam with Whizlabs IT certification exam solutions.

[ SchoolTool]

SchoolTool is a project to develop a common global school administration infrastructure that is freely available under an Open Source licence.

Business Software

[ Raven Bear Systems Corporation]

Raven Bear has developed a Python based version of its enterprise analytics platform. Integrated into the analytics platform are data mining and OLAP functionalities. Users can access and interact with data over a [ Zope] platform.

[ Thawte Consulting]

Thawte Consulting, which has issued digital certificates to 23% of the world's secure web servers (according to [ the Netcraft survey]), uses Python extensively for intranet and extranet services. Python generates web pages based on database content, and takes care of the cryptography and digital certificate management involved in certification. "Python makes us extremely productive, and makes maintaining a large and rapidly evolving codebase relatively simple."

[ Advanced Management Solutions Inc.]

AMS provides the AMS REALTIME suite of enterprise software for project management, resource management, cost management and timesheets. The Python language engine is embedded in AMS REALTIME as a means of extending the products, and also as a way of enabling custom behavior and company-specific business rules to be supported.

[ IBM]

IBM East Fishkill is using Python to create the business practice logic for factory tool control applications. These are used to control material entry, exit and data collection at the Micrus semiconductor plant in East Fishkill. Code that had been previously written in an internal, proprietary scripting language has been ported to Python.

[ Arakn<E9>]

[ MetaDynamic] is a seamless integration of Python on client and server sides within the Metaphase product data management system (an object-oriented distributed system), that provides a new RAD environment as a substitute to the traditional customization environment in C. Arakn<E9> uses Python internally on its other developments.

[ RealNetworks]

RealNetworks has developed a Python binding for their RealMedia client. They use this extensively in load testing and feature testing of both their server and client on all of their supported platforms. Additionally, their build system and bug tracking system have significant Python components.


dSPACE uses Python as the scripting language for its integrated real-time simulation experiment environment [ ControlDesk]. While COM-based tool automation libs are provided on the one hand, access libs for real-time simulation hardware, RS232 and several automotive ECU (electronic control units) communication channels have been developed on the other. Many customers from various car manufacturers worldwide started Python programming with this program.

[ Escom]

Escom is a Polish company that uses python language for developing network-management and hosting-management applications and collocation-management applications.

[ The Tiny Company]

Tiny has developed an Open Source full-featured ERP and CRM in Python; accounting, stock management, sales, purchases, logistics, human ressources, ... See:

[ Nexedi]

Nexedi has developed an Open Source ERP called ERP5 in Python/Zope. See:

[ Piensa Technologies - Bufete Consultor de Mexico]

Has developed "Ephyra", a Supply Chain Management (SCM) suite, with Python and Zope. Ephyra has modules for Warehouse management, Transportation management, Distribution management, ERP integration and other functionality. Ephyra is a mission critical, web enabled, modular, 100% configurable to end user requirements, using and complying to open standards, open protocols and open technologies.

[ Nektra]

Nektra is using Python for developing scripts to trace the behaviour of user software dinamically using Nektra Deviare technology.


The [ site] of the USA Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is powered by Python/Zope/Plone.

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