Non-commercial hosting is any hosting setup which might cost money, but is not geared towards generating profit for a company.



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The Internet Hosting Cooperative



Python, CGI, MySQL, PHP, SSI, Perl, Mailman, MoinMoin

Plone and Python are fully supported. We are a democratic organization. Our infrastructure is designed for "power users" but low-intensity users are fine too. We take security seriously. You can save money. You get the usual benefits of professional hosting, without having to manage all the details yourself. Our servers are hosted at professional colocation facilities.




2.6.6, 2.7.5, 3.6.0

Python, CGI, Django, Flask, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache PHP, SSI, and more

Donation based web hosting for Python, and Django, Flask, etc. We're a non-profit organization so you don't need to donate if you don't want to, but we appreciate it to keep the servers running. If you need other versions of Python just ask support and they can be installed.


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