Iceland is truly a unique country and, despite its name, ice isn't a major feature of the landscape (for ice you have to go to Greenland, ironically enough). The [ Icelandic Tourist Board] highights a number of popular activities for tourists, including cycling, whale watching, sport fishing and river rafting. For the less athletically inclined, the sprint takes place at the same time as Reykjavik's 20th Arts Festival.

The Thingvellir park area in Reykjavik has been the home of the Icelandic parliament since 930 AD. Just behind the parliament buildings is the modernistic city hall, offering a real contrast in architectural styles. The National Gallery at Frikirkjuvegur includes a cafe and bookstore.

The Icelandic landscape offers some amazing sights, such as Kerid Crater. 55 meters deep and almosts 3,000 years old the crater is a natural amphitheater housing a lake. The steam vents at Landmannalaugar are a reminder of the country's volcanic nature. The Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, with a water temperature of 37-39°C/98-102°F, is probably the country's best known tourist attraction, so bring your swimming trunks!

Reykjavik has its own [ tourist web site] with a search page that lets you select attractions by interest (outdoors, sports, nightlife, heritage, culture, gay), age group and gender. It reports:

The interactive map is an interesting feature of the site.

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