Preparation and Tools

* Checkout and build CPython:

* Checkout and browse pysco:

* Sign the Python contributor agreement Steve and Raymond will have copies at the Sprint

* Subversion client software (Windows users may use SVN Tortoise, Putty and Pageant). Get your SSH2 key installed and verify you can commit.

* IRC client (XIRC or similar). Server: channel: #nfs

* Bring a 220 power adapter suitable for European two-pin mains supply. Many laptop transformers are rated for 100-240V, 50-60Hz (read the fine print on them); in that case you only need an adapter, with two circular pins to plug in, and any kind of female slots into which you can plug your transformer. That costs just a few dollars (at, e.g., a Radio Shack). If your equipment is not rated for multi-voltage usage and is not 220V, then you need to buy a more expensive step-down converter.

* If you don't normally travel to Iceland, and intend to use an ATM card to get cash, you may want to tell your card vendor about your travel plans, so they don't slap a hold on your card due to "suspicious activity".

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