We started of with:

Next up was some thought's shared by fellow pythonista Vaidik Kapoor here are his thought's in his own words as sent out on mailing list thread:

I spoke about my recent adventures of trying to make Python slightly more functional. I spoke about two things today: Partial Functions or Currying and Tail Call. So just to remind you of the same, I am sharing some content with you so that you can read it if you want to know more:

Partial Functions

Tail Recursion

To understand what Functional features Python has to offer other than list comprehensions and the simple map, reduce and filter functions, checkout the functools library:

Guys so if you want to be informed about stuff like this go register @ https://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/ncr-python.in

Next was Aniket Maithani who is doing a project using Pi board named HASS:

He is open to suggestion and discussioin about the project improvement and other ideas related to it. So don't hesitate and find him on https://github.com/aniketmaithani also a member of the mailing list.

Last up was general discussions about the next meetup. Anuvrat Parashar and all the members of Reviews42 team that are part of Ncr-python user group have also proposed Reviews42 as the venue for the next meetup.

And for those interested in cloud technology, systems , HGigh perfomance computing, high performance networks etc. Prof. Andrew Lynn has offered to help out with JNU resources.


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