Python Meetup in Minsk is a monthly event usually held at the last Friday in some club at the center of the city. It is organized with the help of local companies, who do this as a service of gratitude to the open source and Python community. It is an informal event, but standard time limits and club venue make it more like talks and questions session. Anyway, any help to make the event more fun and interesting is appreciated.

Topics covered so far are in Russian and cover a wide range of talks - from simple to strictly hardc0re. There is a lack of basic level info, so these bits are the most welcome.

Announcements are published on Facebook page:

There is also short version set up by people from local meetups community:

About Meetups in General (a text from local meetup community)

The main essence of any meetup can be expressed with four words - do, learn, share, change. The *do* and *change* components make it different from meetings with friends, colleagues or relatives, and also from lectures. Meetups are organized around some topic and bring informal atmosphere. Informal means that every person is a participant, and is free to contribute to the common goal to enjoy the time if necessary.

Event Status

Organization process is open, but not public as it takes extra effort. Just come and talk to more active people if you'd like to help. There are a plenty of activities that are available, but not visible - from lightning talks control to messing with hardware setup.

PLAN 2014.03:

DONE 2014:


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