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I'm proposing a Mailman3 coding sprint at Pycon. I currently have a chunk of working code in my private cvs respository. It is, however incomplete. The most important thing to do at the sprint is to review and if necessary modify the APIs to the databases and other system components. Then, as time allows, implement enough of the missing pieces to get basic but end-to-end functionality working.

My goal would be to get the code to an un-embarrassing enough place that we could check it into the public cvs.

Currently Mailman3 uses Twisted, ZPT, ZConfig, and a few other Zope3 components such as interfaces, pagetemplates, tal, and tales. Some of these are fairly old and could use updating (e.g. Twisted is still at 1.0.5). The rest of the code is new, taking a cue from Mailman 2.1 but with updates to take advantage of Python 2.3 features.


I'd be interested in helping out; I'll be around Saturday and Sunday. -- FredDrake

I'll be there on Sunday and probably Monday. -- Dale Newfield

For PyCon2005 I'm interested in sprinting for a bit, but not sure about the dates yet. Monday and or Tuesday maybe. -- Maki Kato

I'd probably work some on Mailman3. -- Sean Reifschneider (jafo)

I'm interested in improving the web UI for non-techie users, but I'll help with whatever. I'll be there Sunday (from 10a) and Monday. Is there a way I can get a CVS snapshot to read through on the plane ride down? -- Mark Bucciarelli (mark (at) gaiahost (dot) coop).

I would also be interested in working on usability. I'm not a programmer, but could be a usability guinea pig. Either Sunday or Monday should be doable. -- Reuben Silvers

I'll be around Saturday and Sunday; would be interested in helping out with the archiving (perhaps just figuring out what to do to start from scratch). -- AndrewKuchling

I'll be around from Sunday on and am interested -- R. David Murray (david at

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