Pythonic wrapper for the Text to Unicode functionality of Apple's Text Encoding Conversion Manager.


TECManager is at it's second release, version 0.2. It now supports Python text encodings (replaces the built-in mac specific codecs and adds new ones), and its usage is pretty much transparent after the module has been imported.


   1 >> import TECManager as TM
   2 >> # convert a macRoman bullet to a unicode bullet
   3 >> '\xa5'.decode('mac_roman')
   4 u'\u2022'
   5 >> # convert a smHebrew HEBREW POINT QAMATS, alternate form "qamats qatan"
   6 >> '\xde'.decode('mac_hebrew')
   7 u'\u05b8\uf87f'
   8 >> # create a new 'mac_turkish' encoding, which is a modified smRoman script.
   9 >> TM.tec_codecs.createModule('encodings.mac_turkish', TM.getTextEncoding(script=TM.smRoman, language=TM.langTurkish, region=TM.verTurkey))
  10 >> '\xa5'.decode('mac_turkish')
  11 u'\u2022'



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