Only some snippets from a simple InDesign automator...

 inD = app('Adobe InDesign CS2')
 inD.script_preferences.user_interaction_level = k.never_interact
 finder = app('Finder')
 doc ='/Users/user/Documents/test.indd'))

 if doc.pages[page].side() == k.right_hand:
     print "page %d is on the righthand side" % page

How to place a text file and delete the first 2 lines:

 story =, on=doc.pages[page], showing_options=False)

Fix the size of the new text frame:

 rect = [76, 12, 284, 65]
 # left, top, height, width in default unit (e.g. mm)
 frame = story.text_frames[1].get()
 if frame.overflows():
     # too much text -> increase size

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