How to use aeve for newbies

This aeve module sounds great, exactly what I've been looking for, but I must say that I have been having a ton of trouble getting things to work. Some more documentation would really help. To see what I can add to the effort, I've added this page to jot down my findings. - WinstonWolff Nov 03

Q: How do I Install this thing?

A: In order to install aeve on Panther you need these modules: - ww nov 03

  1. pyrex -

  2. ../LaunchServices - available on this Mr. Ippolitti's website:

  3. TECManager - also at
  4. Finally, you can install aeve. I installed all of the above using "python build" and then "sudo python install"

Q: How do I get started? I know Python, but I don't know a thing about ../AppleScript.

A: To get a primer on how to "read" ../AppleScript and understand it as a Python programmer, I found Apple's "AppleScript Language Guide" the most useful. - WinstonWolff Nov 03

Q: I've seen the iCal example of how to "make" an object, but I want to automate ../OmniGraffle. How do I create these properties to pass into make()? I've tried the following, but the iter Objects For Name() doesn't work.

   1 import aeve
   2 app = aeve.talkto('/Applications/')
   3 from aeve.Applications import OmniGraffle as og
   4 origin  = og.shape._aereg_.iterObjectsForName("origin", aekind="property", deep=True).next()
   5 size    = og.Standard_Suite._aereg_.iterObjectsForName("size", aekind="property", deep=True).next()
   6 name    = og.Standard_Suite._aereg_.iterObjectsForName("name", aekind="property", deep=True).next()
   8 shape = app.make(new=og.shape, with_properties={ origin:(100,100), size:(20,20), name:"Circle" } )

A: no answer yet.

Q: I'm just having a really hard time finding my way around, where should I look for info?

A: no answer yet.

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