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1.0.1 (2002-08-04)

MSS is free for personal use or commercial evaluation. It's files are freely distributable but must be kept together.
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Problem Domain Background

Typical 2-Tier client / server architecture is inflexible when it comes to code module changes. Code re-use is also limited as code modules have to be re-written or copied for each different client application. Enter 3-Tier architecture. The business logic is now extracted into the middle layer and back-end data sources are free to change, safe in the knowledge that client apps won't be broken, as it's now only one instance in the middle tier that gets changed.


Although 3-Tier architecture solves many problems, there are few solutions that actually implement a simple, usable and cheap middle tier on a small scale. There are large implementations to fix large scale problems (CORBA) and technologies such as EJB that tackle the problem but all come with a learning curve.


MSS - A middle tier framework written in Python for plugging services in. Any client that can retrieve a web page can retrieve data from MSS - it's that easy. All the developer does is drop their 'new_service.py' into the services directory and it works. No need to know how MSS works, there's a generic service provided so writing a new service should be a doddle and MSS will work straight out of the box.



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