M2Crypto sprint

M2Crypto homepage: http://sandbox.rulemaker.net/ngps/m2/

M2Crypto is the most complete OpenSSL wrapper for Python. M2Crypto makes it relatively easy to add cryptographic support and security to your Python applications. Things like SSL/TLS (server and client), S/MIME, ...

People who are new to crypto are very welcome to participate.

When: June 30-July 1.

Sprint leader: HeikkiToivonen


Also something to discuss:

Please add other items you'd like to be fixed/worked on below:


Are you participating remotely? Let me know if you can be available over IRC or email or if you just want to submit things through Bugzilla. Bugzilla link is above. IRC server is irc.osafoundation.org, #m2crypto channel. My email is my first name at osafoundation.org

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