I am a veteran Python and Zope evangelist and trainer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Since 1994 I've been developing content-rich web sites. I discovered Python while looking for a better way to do object-oriented web development after trying to do it in Perl and Java. I developed the first IDG Brasil dynamic news site in Zope in early 1999.

After founding and managing a pioneering Zope company in Brasil (Hiperlógica 1999-2003), I decided to focus on training and education. I am now a senior instructor at Simples Consultoria. I am the author of a popular Portuguese-language short tutorial which teaches basic programming with Python, Aprenda a Programar (Learn to program). Also, I led the team who translated How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python to Portuguese (translation).

Recently I created the Turing Club to promote computer programming as a hobby, and between March-May of 2007 we held our first public workshop at SESC Pinheiros, a major culture and arts center in São Paulo.

I am now a 4th-year undergrad student of Library Sciences at the Universidade de São Paulo. I just earned a Google Summer of Code scholarship to develop Circulante, a P2P library to promote book lending among friends. Circulante will be developed in Grok / Zope 3.


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