Localizing Chandler Sprint

Chandler is an innovative Open Source Personal Information Manager (PIM). In addition to being written in Python, Chandler uses the following Open Source libraries: BerkeleyDB, M2Crypto, Twisted, pyLucene, PyICU, and wxPython/wxWidgets. The Preview release of Chandler is scheduled for June 2007.

Much work has been done to ensure that Chandler is an easily localizable application. To that extent Open Source Applications Foundation developers pushed the envelope adding new and needed internationalization tools to the Python language. The two major contributions are PyICU, a wrapping of the excellent i18n / l10n library developed by IBM and EggTranslations, a flexible object oriented resource loader for localized data (images, html, audio) and gettext .mo files.

The purpose of the Sprint is to aid the Chandler team in creating localizations of the application. You will be our first translation team, providing feedback on Chandler's i18n feature set.

For more information about Chandler visit http://wiki.osafoundation.org/Projects/ChandlerHome.

If you intend to participate, please put your name here and any languages you speak other than English or French:

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