LinkedIn Group Announcement

Please note that a LinkedIn group has been formed. If you are not yet a member, please visit the LinkedIn Group "Python Community". This makes it easier to separate Python individuals (some maybe less or unknown to you) from your "personal" contacts. See also the LinkedIn Groups Members FAQ and LinkedIn Groups Admin FAQ - (Danny W. Adair)

Doug Hellmann's Notes

If you are a Python developer with a LinkedIn profile, please add yourself to the list and invite the other people on the list into your connection network.

Just put "Python Individuals" into the field "Groups and Associations" to make it easier to be found through LinkedIn.

Some of us have been using "Python Community" instead of "Python Individuals" [Note that despite this page's title, the group in active use on LinkedIn is Python Community - SH]

Group Membership

This started as a list of Python developers who had a known presence on LinkedIn when the group was formed. Please feel free to add your own details when you have joined the group.


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