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For extra information, see PythonWebsiteDetails
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For extra information, see PythonWebsiteDetails

Welcome to Pydotorg Central

This is your source of information for contributing to the python.org website.

To get started working on a local copy of the python.org website, you need to check it out from Subversion. To check it out for anonymous access (start here if you're new):

  • svn co https://svn.python.org/www/trunk/beta.python.org

To check it out with commit privileges:

  • svn co svn+ssh://pydotorg@svn.python.org/trunk/beta.python.org

To build and run the site, see build/new-build/README in the checked-out beta.python.org tree.

For extra information, see PythonWebsiteDetails

How Can I Help?

To join the project, get started by getting a local copy of the site running. You can submit new tickets for bugs or improvements (see PythonWebsiteCreatingNewTickets) or work on content at wiki.python.org witout having commit privileges.

If you want to become a committer, email pydotorg at python dot org for details.

Chat/help on IRC at #pydotorg on freenode.net

Old Build System

The website build system has been rewritten. The old build system was called Pyramid. This info is being maintained a short time until the website completely abandons Pyramid:


See PythonWebsiteHomePage for discussion on what should be on the home page (some of which has been completed, but not all).

Here is a page for PythonWebsiteMiscSuggestions

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