Python SiJakHaGi

8979140959, O'Reilly & Associates, 432 pages (Feb 2001)

Korean translation of the Learning Python.


Python Pocket Reference

897914086X, O'Reilly & Associates, 112 pages (October 2000)

Korean translation of the Python Pocket Reference.


Python and Tkinter Programming

8980544243, 852 pages

Korean translation of the Python and Tkinter Programming.


Core Python Programming (Pearson Education Korea)

774 pages (May 2002) 8945070524 W 25,000/KRW [~$20.75 US]

Translation of Wesley Chun's Core Python Programming.


YeolHyeolGangUi Python (2nd Ed., 2nd Ver.) (Freelec Publication)

1059 pages (Sep 2005) 8989345774 W 35,000/KRW [~$35.00 US]

One of the most beloved Python Books in South Korea.


Python 3 Programming for fast learner (Wikibook Publication)

546 pages (Jun 2009) 8992939302 W 26,000/KRW   Web Site for korean:

The most recently published book that deals with new python 3 features in South Korea.

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