Jython for Java Programmers

ISBN: 0735711119, New Riders, 500 pages (December 2001)

An introduction to programming with Jython, aimed at people who are already Java programmers.

Jython Essentials

ISBN: 0596002475, O'Reilly & Associates, 256 pages (March 2002)

Contains an introduction to the language, numerous examples of Jython/Java interaction, and reference material on modules and libraries of use to Jython programmers.

Python Programming with the Java Class Libraries (Jython)

ISBN: 0201616165, Addison Wesley Professional, 640 pages (2002)

This book is a Tutorial that covers some of the basics of Python programming. Using plenty of skill-building exercises and interactive programming sessions to help those new to programming develop an understanding of concepts and practical techniques. Then the book applies the same approach to learning key Java APIs.

WebSphere Application Server Administration Using Jython

ISBN: 0137009526 IBM Press 504 Pages (2009)

This book includes a description of Jython programming but is mainly concerned with using Jython to access, and manipulate the WebSphere Application Server environment using the WebSphere scripting objects. Many examples are included.


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