For much of the 1990s, the International Python Conference was held annually in the U.S, organized by a professional conference management firm (Foretec, a commercial subsidiary of nonprofit CNRI). The conferences were quite expensive yet reportedly lost money, so eventually Foretec stopped holding the conferences. The IPC conferences have been replaced by the volunteer-run PyCon; the O'Reilly Open Source Conference also has Python-related content. European conferences have formed, notably EuroPython and PythonUK.

Past conferences

(Only the 6th through 10th were run by CNRI and/or Foretec.)

All earlier workshops are also found here:

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In 2003 the community started afresh with the PyCon series; the first one was at GW University in Washington, DC in 2003, and these have been held once a year ever since. The Python track at OSCON has continued to use the name and numbering of International Python Conferences. Also, EuroPython started in 2002 in Charleroi, Belgium.

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