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And shouldn't this one be deleted or "#redirect"ed?

There are various sites that list or host submitted Python modules.

See also: Italian translation at Codice, FAQTs section on module Q&A



Where is the PyCode site? Canceled? If so, it's a pitty. It was such a good idea to have a place to upload software.

-- ZoranIsailovski 2005-08-14

'Note that packages can be uploaded to PyPI. -- amk

I haven't found a way to upload anything but a PKG-INFO file to PyPI. What kind of magic is needed for that? Anyway, if someone knows what has happened to the PyCode site, and whether it will re-appear or it is cancelled, then please tell us.

-- ZoranIsailovski 2005-08-14 23:40:00

B) After several days of inaccessiblity, the PyCode site has just re-appeared. I have removed the comments near the reference above.

-- ZoranIsailovski 2005-08-15 00:10:00

I've cleaned the page up a bit. I took out the repetition of PyPI (listed twice), and faqts, since I didn't see that it was a "place to publish modules." I did reference it in the "See also's," since it did have relevant information.

Personally, I'de prefer not to have a page called "How to publish Python modules." It doesn't exactly lend itself to becomming LinkLanguage. I'd rather call the page: "PublishingPythonModules", or "PublishPythonModules", or even just a section of "PythonModules".

-- LionKimbro 2005-02-17 18:56:35

lwickjr: "PublishingPythonModules" it is.

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