How to Help Python

There are tons of ways you can help out Python and the associated community. Because Python is a community project, there's very little structure; you just have to find an area you're interested in and dive in! Money is good, but time is even more precious; contribute your time to Python today!

Here are a few ideas:

- Help out with core Python development by reviewing patches and fixing bugs.

- Proofread, edit, and extend the documentation

- Join a local user group and encourage other people you know to attend.

- Volunteer to help out the Python Software Foundation!

- Blog about your own Pythonic endeavors and syndicate your blog on and

- Participate in the Google Summer of Code or the Google Highly Open Participation contest as a mentor or a student.

- Download interesting packages from the Python Package Index, install them, and test them out.

- Help porting python modules and software or operating system depencies from Python 2 to Python 3. This is a serious issue as the last Python 2 release happens in 2020.

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