In order for any code to make it into Python, there has to be an issue logged on with your patch (see for how to create the patch). Enter your details below so we can keep track of what was accomplished at Flourish and make sure it doesn't go unnoticed!


If you are working on test coverage, create one issue per module, e.g., "Increase zipfile test coverage", and include one or more patches there. Note that you can delete old patches from the tracker, so if you get a patch for 50% coverage and keep working to get a patch with 75% coverage, you can delete the 50% patch.

If you are fixing bugs that you find yourself or on, try to keep one bug/feature to one tracker issue. If you are working on issue #1234 and you happen to find something else while fixing it, submit your details for #1234 and create a new issue for your secondary find.

Name Ticket Committed
JustinLove 11751 (leave blank)
LynneQu 11754  
MattDorn 11758  

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