About DiamondQuest

DiamondQuest is a mining-inspired, 16-bit-style platformer where you search for buried treasure, fossils, and gemstones, using your math skills to dig. The game will use positive reinforcement to encourage players to keep playing and to challenge themselves; the relaxing, non-threatening game environment provides a new twist on math drills, without triggering math anxiety.

Perhaps most exciting is that this will be an accessibility-first game, designed to accommodate motor-impaired players who normally cannot play computer games. The keyboard-driven gameplay is designed for players who are either limited to single keyboard presses (e.g. with a head pointer) or have slower reflexes. The concept for DiamondQuest came from Lead Developer Jason C. McDonald's long-time desire to build a game for a friend from college who lived with cerebral palsy.

What We're Doing

The initial structure for DiamondQuest was created during MousePaw Media's GAME MODE 2020 Hackathon, but the game is far from complete. The goal for this sprint is to finish the first playable version of the game.

Tech Specs


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