IRC Meeting #1


The meeting took place on Monday 28th January 2008 at 1900 CET in the #europython channel on freenode.



These minutes were written by John and sent to Laura:

  1. Subject to venue availability, EP 2008 will be 7th-12th July in Vilnius. This was confirmed the following day.

  2. The main website will be Paul's moin-moin wiki, which we will host here. Paul will look after it (with technical assistance from Zeth here when needed). I'm not sure who will be responsible for the content, I assume that you and Aiste will arrange this.
  3. The UK PyWM group will be responsible for the Registration Bookings and Payments system.
  4. Whoever is responsible for organising the talks programme will decide what they want to use, eg simple email, the PyCon-tech system, whatever. Suggestion: make Samuele head up the talks, as he was so unhappy with PyCon US on this, he should have the chance to put it right.

No decision on EuroPython 2009/2010.

Next meeting Thursday 7th February. No time set, I suggest 18:00 CET, which might be better for Aiste.

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