Lightning Talks, at least at EuroPython, are short (5 minutes) talks about any subject you fancy. This year we'll be having a session of Lightning Talks at the end of each day. Some relevance to Python or Zope or maybe just computers would be preferred, but is hardly essential! Many Lightning Talks will be arranged at the conference, but you can sign up for one in advance too.

Please note that giving a Lightning Talk does not qualify you for the reduced entry offered to speakers on other tracks. Also, experience suggests that trying to give a 30 minute talk in 5 minutes doesn't work -- please plan accordingly!

As usual we will be holding Lightning Talks. These are very short talks - five minutes maximum - scheduled in rapid succession, with as many as 10 talks in a 60 minute session. There is no approval process: speakers merely sign up at the door. Topics are often up-and-coming Python projects, less well-known Python projects, cool hacks, things you wish were different, recruitment for a new sprint based on an idea you just had, war stories, and amusing mistakes. If a topic is boring, or incomprehensible, don't worry, it will be over in five minutes!

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