Enomalism Virtualized Management Console

The Enomalism Virtualized Management Console (VMC) is a open source web-based systems administrator management tool for XEN hypervisor. Servers with hundreds of multiple isolated virtualized systems can be managed like a standalone server. Enomalism also includes a virtual server creation wizard and templates to facilitate virtualized server configuration, application deployment and centralized software patch management

The Enomalism application provides a single interface for managing multiple virtualized servers across assorted platforms. The same administrator can monitor and administer both Linux and Windows servers using the same interface without having to learn extensive OS skills. Enomalism eases cross-server and large server farm management. Applications can be deployed and updated on many servers simultaneously. The application console provides a centralized look at server information and software versions across all server resources, facilitating versioning and patch management.

Enomalism Virtualized Control Center Console

The Enomalism Control Center is a web-based tool for system administrators to perform many XEN server management tasks from any computer with appropriate Internet or network access.

Dynamic Real-time Partitioning

Partition a physical server into 100s of virtualized servers, each with full dedicated server functionality

Resource Management

Assign and control system resource parameters and re-allocate resources in real-time via a rich web based interface


Move virtual servers and its application(s) between physical servers transparently with near-zero downtime

Application Repository (package management system)

Enomalism features a package management system & application repository to automate the process of installing, upgrading, configuring, and removing software packages from the system(s).

Open Source License

Enomalism is Open Source, and is released under an LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)

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