stdlib Clients

Other parts of the stdlib rely on the email package for various services. Right now this is just a list of import dependencies; this should be expanded into a brief description of the stdlib use cases so we can make sure we continue to support them properly.

Package Email imports
http/ email.parser, email.message
http/ email.parser, email.message
urllib/request email, email.utils (also mimetypes)
smtplib email.utils
cgi email.parser
pydoc email.message
mailbox email, email.message, email.generator
distutils/ email.message_from_file

There are also dependencies in the test suites:

Test Email imports
urllib2_localnet email
smtplib email.utils
test_http_cookiejar email
test_urllibnet email.message
test_mailbox email, email.message
test_zipfile email
test_urllib2 email, email.utils

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