You will spend most of your waking life communicating with other people.

Since you already know how to communicate in English and Python, why would you want to spend 4 days in an dedicated to helping others learn better communication?

1st Nearly all children begin speaking at 10 months.

2nd Most children under one system communicate at 3rd grade in 1st.

3rd Communication involves phonetics, morphology, orthography, phonology, syntax, semantics and much more. Japanese phonology consists of 8 rules. English phonology and many other parts of English are still partially undiscovered. will give you some algorithms for how to discover the debated parts of English.

4th Speech recognition and computer translation are still important unsolved computer problems. I started in computer science and linguistics in the early 1970's. The reason we could not do better speech recognition and computer translation was primarily because the linguists did not know what they were doing. Even less powerful languages before Python could have solved all of the computer science problems for speech recognition and inerrant fully automatic computer translations if the linguists could have explicitly stated all of the rules.

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