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PyCon Education Summit

For right now, this is mainly a collection of links to facilitate the conference. More content would be welcome.

Open Spaces

* Jumping the Gap: Amateur to Pro

* Big Data Analysis of Online Education Data

* Motivating People to Keep Learning Python

* Lightning Talks

Talks Not Presented in the Main Spaces

The following talks were not presented as part of the main open space series. If you want to contact the people who suggested these topics, please contact Naomi.

* Competition as Motivation

* Every Project You ever Learned from (brainstorming what works)

* Exploring (Very Basic) Probability with IPython

* Educational Tech Tools Interopability

* Success Stories in Teacher/Facilitator Assessment - What DOES Work?

* Building a Python Community at Work

* Diversifying your User Group (make a plan and measure it)

* Collaboratively Developing Curriculum Materials for Tech Subjects


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