Using Eclipse as a Python editor

It is not known which version of Eclipse these comments refer to, please be careful and read the release notes for the plugin you choose.

A few plugins for Eclipse are in progress that will enable Eclipse to be used as a Python IDE.




Last Update


Supports Jython


Dynamic Languages Toolkit


June 25, 2012





January 27, 2014



It also supports IronPython



October 21, 2007


TruStudio (defunct)

1.0.1a / 1.1

May 18, 2005

no more available

Merged into DLTK project



June 23, 2006


Jython only



July 22, 2011

Mozilla PL / GPL / LGPL


Syntax highlighting only

* Eclipse Public License

To point out the obvious, it would be nice if some of these teams would combine their efforts.

Some Features

The next seven sections of documentation, up to and including "Supplying parameters to your jython or python program" are contributed by Andy Bulka .

Which plug-in is the best?

Both PyDev and TruStudio are undergoing active development and both feature and extensive set of useful tools for developing in Eclipse. It's not hard to try either of them out, so you might as well just try them both out and see which you enjoy more.

Going by the popularity on Google, (using a very unscientific method of just searching for the two words python eclipse) it seems as though PyDev is more popular.


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I saw a demo of this at OSCON 2004, presented by Dana Moore. Alex Totek has done the majority of the work so far, with help from Fabio Zadrozny. pydev includes a debugger. Dana previewed auto-completion but as of this writing it's not in the most recent release (0.5.3). I also saw the Python shell integrated into Eclipse. The development language for the plugin itself is Java, not Jython.

Configuring Eclipse for running Python and Jython


To configure Eclipse to run jython on the current file you are editing:

Select from the menu: Run -> External Tools -> Configure -> New

then fill in the following values:

Supplying parameters to your jython or python program

If you need to run an app which requires arguments, you will need to make another tool configuration (just copy the jython one) and simply add the necessary arguments to the Tool Arguments field.

For example instead of just

you would instead put

Notice I have supplied the argument c:\\

Embedding Jython into Eclipse

Don Coleman has written a jython code completion shell which he says he would be happy to rewrite for Eclipse.

This URL was given by Don Coleman in an ASPN jython users newsgroup,

How to make Jython unit tests... and see them inside Junit plugin : here and modification and completion here

Running SCons from CDT Eclipse

SCons is a powerful software construction tool in python, more flexible than ant and simpler than make. It is primarily intended to manage builts for C/C++ programs. To set up SCons as the builder from CDT, add it as a custom builder:

Note: Eclipse cannot currently spawn arbitrary shell programs, so even if the .py extension is registered, calling will fail from Eclipse.

There is now an Scons Builder Plugin for the Eclipse CDT.

For more information about SCons, see

Some Eclipse features people want with Jython/Python

Eclipse would gain

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