Donovan Preston

I have been using Python on the mac for about four years now and really enjoy it. Early on, I wrote an IBCarbon wrapper which lets you use Carbon nibs created with Interface Builder in your Python apps. It is now included with Python. I also wrote ../CarbonEvent support so you can write Carbon apps in Python which take advantage of this improved event loop mechanism on Mac OS X. Lately, I have been less interested in Carbon since many more people are using Mac OS X now. I have been following PyObjC development with great interest and am happy to say it is now ready for use building industrial strength Mac OS X applications. I am interested in audio, graphics, and collaborative programming techniques. I recently wrote some code which uses ../CoreAudio to play sound on Mac OS X, linked from the ../CoreAudio page.

I am also the author of Nevow, a web templating framework in pure python.

Email: dp at ulaluma dot com

My python-related blogs:


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