At the last PUN meeting it was proposed to try out a coding dojo. There was some good reactions, so here we go!

The first dojo will held in the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam, on the 21th of April at 19:30, until about 22:00.

If you are interested please register with your name below.

The dojo will be lead by Todd Matsumoto and Konrad Delong. The challenge will be announced at the dojo.

Please refer to the following attached file for tonight's dojo challenge and other important information:


In short:

Reversi is a board game for two players. This Kata is to write a program that takes a current board position together with information about whose turn it is, and returns a list of the legal moves for that player. A move is only legal if it results in at least one of the opponent's counters being flipped. Here's the catch, the program must be developed using test driven development. It's all in the pdf! See you soon.


The dojo yesterday evening was a great success. With five people I think it is fair to say we all had a great time and got to play with code. Below are the solutions to the challenge. The ABC Treehouse space is also a super location for doing things like this with smaller rooms that are more like class room setups. I'm up for any other ideas for gathering people together to code, such as a dojo. And again, while there is the opportunity: USE THE SPACE!!



Not Coming

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