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 * [[Powerful Python One-Liners|One-Liners]]


Apart from the main python.org documentation pages, a number of other resources exist.


Start here if you're new to Python or are considering trying Python after using other languages.

Topic Guides

If you are developing a particular kind of program or library, you might wish to study some related material.

Advanced Topics

Philosophy and Wisdom

Other Resources

Reference Documentation

Working on the Official Documentation

If you think something should be documented in the main Python docs, but currently isn't, you can either follow these instructions on how to contribute to the Python documentation to report the issue or to help fix it. Alternatively, you could add your suggestion to the MissingFromDocumentation page of this Wiki and wait for other people to pick it up and take action.

There are currently only few modules in the standard library that are undocumented. Lists of these modules can be found in the documentation of each Python version:


Please see DocumentationDiscussion.

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