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On Wednesday 18 January 2012 we will meet again!


We had a great evening. ReinoutVanRees made summaries:


Feel free to join us, everybody who likes to program in Django (or is forced to) is welcome. Heck, even if you love Ruby on Rails, just join us and convert.

The location opens at 19:00, feel free to enter and grab a beer while it still cold (?). Talks start at 19:30. We are seated on the second floor of our sponsor ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam, thanks again for hosting us.

Presentations end around 22:30 hours, and then it's time for another (third/fourth/nth) beer. At approximately 23:30 hours everyone is kicked out of the building and we leave to dream a beautiful sleep of our dear Django.

If you are attending, please leave your name below. Even better, if you think you have something interesting to talk about, maybe a nice app you found on github, or your favorite pet project, even a nice book - then start listening to that eeny weeny tiny voice in your head yelling on top of its voice: "Yes you can!" and fill in a blank presentation, because we would love to hear from you. Sincerely, we do.

If you have any questions, just contact one of the organisors, Remco Wendt or Wim Feijen: wim at go2people dot nl.



Maybe (hopefully!)


Sponsors of tonight are:

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