Our fifth meeting will be held on the evening of Wednesday April 13th 2011. The venue opens at 19:00, talks start at 19:30. Presentations end at approximately 22:30 hours and we will conclude with (sponsored) drinks afterwards. The event will be held in the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam. If you are planning to attend, please confirm by leaving your name on this page, below. We start at 19:30 pünktlich, so please be on time!

If you are willing to give a presentation, feel free to enter your subject and name below. If you have any questions, contact one of the events organisors, Wim Feijen: wim at go2people dot nl.





Sponsors of tonight are:

Are you thinking of sponsoring a future meet-up? Please contact Wim Feijen at wim at go2people dot nl.

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