Make the source-to-distribution mapping more flexible to allow people to build multiple distributions from one project, and to bundle multiple distributions into one distribution.


When extracting reusable parts from a codebase, one must move the files and write a dedicated setup script (or setup config file, when PEP 390 is implemented). OS packagers sometimes also distribute Python packages from one distribution as separate OS packages (e.g. Debian has python-setuptools and python-pkg-resources). I think that Distutils2 could handle these use cases.

Conversely, some people would like to provide their users with source and built meta-distribution bundling their project alongside with their build dependencies (including testing package) and runtime dependencies (MoinMoin does that), without the need for virtualenv or network access. A new kind of distribution would meet this use case.


Building multiple distributions out of one directory will require either an extension to the setup.cfg file or a new file. We could take good ideas from other build systems. For example, Debian’s debhelper toolchain builds everything and then moves files to build binay packages using manifests.

Meta-distributions may or may not require an extension to the setup.cfg file. I need to think about this more.


  1. Add link to another Distutils page where building multiple packages was suggested
  2. Debian Developers Reference (scarce)

  3. HOWTO Split a Package on the Debian wiki: Example of manifests

  4. Python bug #8371, where I propose a command that would serve to download dependencies for normal and compound distributions.

  5. IRC discussion on #distutils on 2010-04-11 (edited):

<ronny> and well, another tricky issue is generating bundles
<ronny> (i.e. distributing a app + its deps in a nice single file way)
<merwok> Bundling everything in one blob is not something I like.
<ronny> moinmoin ships all its dependencies to endusers on various platforms
<merwok> That being said, I can’t see why there couldn’t be a third-party distutils command to do that.
<ronny> it will be unnecessary hard in distutils
<merwok> Distutils2 and PyPI and virtualenv can remove the need for that.
<merwok> (There has been recent talk about including virtualenv-like support in core Python)
<ronny> the moinmoin issue is not deploymen/packaging
<ronny> its about having a easy shipment to endusers
<ronny> one thing i want to manage is putting stuff like py.test + its dependencies into a sdist as single script
<ronny> so i can ship the test tools as single file instead of needing to pull off crap
<ronny> in sdists, so people can just test what they got
<merwok> what about a command that gets dependencies?
<merwok> I mean one command that downloads dependencies if necessary, and another one that builds a “fat” sdist?
<ronny> that should work, i want both, slim and fat sdists

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