This page describes the work done in order to change the Distutils Metadata.

PEP References :

We are working on a new version for PEP 345. Jim started a branch (jim-update-345)

what has been said:

David Lyon's comments

Package MetaData needs to include:

The above two are so that the files could be placed in the "correct" location.

For example.. in Windows.. config and data files should go to :

in linux...

By making this information available in the metadata, it provides for a cross platform friendly system where the could conceivably copy all the files into the "right" locations.

A Package Manager program could conceivably make this information readily available to the user. Alternatively, in the most conservative case, IDLE, PythonWin, Eclipse would be able to utilise this information and render it to the python user.

Jim Fulton's comments

Having looked at this and spoken to folks over the last few days I have a numbner of observations:

Tres Seaver's comments

After working with Matthias Klose, I honestly cannot see any reason not to just appropriate the 'Requires:', 'Obsoletes:', and 'Provides:' fields already implemented in PEP 314. There are no other *real* semantics for those fields besides the ones we want.

Note that we need to keep the 'PKG-INFO' fieldnames / semantics distinct from the values passed to 'setup()': in particular, the 'install_requires' argument could easily map onto the 'Requires:' field.

My proposal:

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