Having been a proponent of celebrating years of no meaningful content anywhere, this is a bit of a leap for me. So, welcome to my sandbox!

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I'm a geek, and I mean it in the nicest way. Were 'think different' not already a big philosophy I'd adopt it. But that being said, I've gone with 'Waste Not.' as my big philisophical point. usually when applied to energy. Like the wind generators going in to the top of the new freedom tower, perfect example of not wasting wind at altitudes. Point of fact is that I have a very creatively analytical brain that insists on logically ripping everything to pieces and when every scrap of energy is to be conserved, reused and recycled as much as possible, one get's ideas!

I've been a geek from the beginning, from chess club, to code and odd projects aiming at making everything interoperable. Or even carving up logs and building planter beds from recycled cement walkway bits. To say I have a unique perspective on the world, is perhaps an overstatement, while I doubt I'm unique, I am a rarity. Having recovered (as much as is possible) from a familial NLD (Neurological Disorder) that borders on autistic, lends to that last assertion, I literally do think different.

There will be more to come, I think.

In the mean time;


Places I Lurk; PythonTutorList

PythonTutorNiftyCodingGroup hosted by BrianvandenBroek


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