In order for PyCon to have a large attendance, the word must get out. This page is meant to contain a rough list of sites/lists/people/etc. that should be kept abreast of PyCon planning in order to help promote the conference. Also any other general notes should go on this page.

IMHO better target specialized audience like Zope/WebApplicationServer, .NET etc. with targeted messages in newsgroups with PyCon track referencies. Disclaimer: I'm nor Zope, nor .NET user. -- MikeRovner 2003-12-06 00:32:20

The FOSDEM conference runs brief interviews with various presenters. See for links to three of them. It would be an excellent idea to do the same for PyCon. We should also set up a link to all blogs covering PyCon while it's happening. --amk

Press releases are still a good idea. See PyCon2004PressRelease. --StephanDeibel


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