Started to write computer programs using Algol 60 and Fortran running on a mainframe computer.

Learned to program in APL, MS-DOS QuickBasic , MySQL, PHP, C, C++, MS Visual Basic and MS Visual C++ and to write DHTML pages using JavaScript.

If you are interested in playing against or programming your first own JavaScript engine for the five-in-a-row game check out my online page:

My first own Python scripts are dated 2003.


# 2005-10-12 : uploaded the to and to . For more details on this subject check out the thread " Wanted: Python module allowing direct access to raw sectors of harddrives (MFT, boot sector, etc.) in MS Windows ", initiated on 2005-10-10 in comp.lang.python.

# 2005-04-09 : posted to comp.lang.python a Python script ( querying the shared memory area exposed by the freeware MBM 5 utility (available from for tracking motherboard sensory information as temperatures, fan speeds and voltages.

# 2005-02-07 : uploaded my own version of to is part of the readline module and is used by e.g. IPython. In my version the (extended) Console() class supports any ANSI escape sequences of the form ESC[#m and ESC[#,#m , making it possible to set any by console supported text and background colors.


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