This page should help beginners decide which of the many libraries for GuiProgramming is best for their particular needs.



Which Widgets are available? In the base distribution? In additional libraries? Are the additional libraries portable as well?


On which platforms is the toolkit available? Is the code written for the toolkit really portable or does the application behave differently on some platforms?

Ease of Installation

Is it easy to install all the parts necessary? Is is easy to bundle the libraries with the application to allow for a single installer and no version dependencies?

Integration into Desktop

Does it look and behave like a native application? Is it possible to make use of special features of a specific platform (say: minimize to tray on Windows)?


Newbie Documentation

What documentation is there to learn the toolkit? Demos, tutorials, books etc. Are GUI builders available?

Reference Documentation

Most toolkits are written for a different language. Is there Python specific documentation available? If not, is it easy to translate the documentation to the Python view?

Demo Applications

Are there any real application written for this toolkit to show off advanced features?


Is it possible to write your own widgets in 100% Python? How's the future of the toolkit? How easy is it to build all the parts from scratch if no one updates the binaries? Is this true for all platforms?


GPL, BSD like, commercial, on all platforms?



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