I suggest paying for people who can't afford to come, instead of giving out freebies. --itamar

How about a book? From experience I can honestly say that my best Python books have a tendency to "grow legs", and I've been known to lend out my Python books to coworkers who are interested in the language. In fact, for a few of my favorites, I've bought multiple copies so I can give one to a workstudy while I have a copy on my desk. Duplicates of the good ones in an office around here isn't a bad idea. -- John

One year everybody got the _Essential Python Reference_ (New Riders). That really helped users after the conference, and it was a great book to "grow legs". However, we don't want to exactly duplicate that again since many people already have that book now. _The Python Cookbook_ is the current rage now and would make an excellent freebie. Another idea would be to ask each publisher to sell one general-interest Python book at a deep discount (say $20 off or 50% off), for a total of three discounted books (a tutorial, a reference, and _The Python Cookbook_). That way the users could stock up on core Python information (and buy books for evangelization) without busting their wallets, the publishers would get at least some $$, and people wouldn't be taking freebie books they don't need and immediately throwing them into the garbage. -- Mike Orr


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