Charles Thayer

2005: I now work at Yahoo! in Sunnyvale CA working on cluster management software for large networks of linux nodes. MoinMoin is still my favorite Wiki software.

Charles Thayer has been using python heavily since the July 2001 at Tapstone Inc. which was a spin-off from Teleias International. The product provides an infrastructure for managing lots of machines (both Unix and NT) in large enterprises. Charles plays the roles of manager of the agent group, system architect, and developer.

Favorite python modules include: xmlrpc, jpy (Judo / Jabber), and asyncore. First became addicted to python after embedding Perl, Tcl, and Python into mod_hits.c (an Apache module) circa 1996.

For more info see Charles Thayer's Homepage which has a Wiki with python code tidbits. Feel free to email questions about python.


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