Chandler -- An Open Source Personal Information Manager

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Chandler is a personal information manager focused on how people want to interact with their data, rather than on how computers like to store data. Chandler is Agenda-like in spirit, for those familiar with Mitch Kapor's earlier work in this area.

Chandler provides a mechanism for capturing and storing many and varied types of information and also allows for enhanced manipulation of that data, so individuals can mix and match data types into aggregations and hierarchical views that reflect the way the user interacts with data. Even more useful, the same piece of data can be viewed as part of many different aggregations. Chandler also provides new facilities for sharing and collaborative use of data in a peer-to-peer mode.

Chandler is intended to be a useful application, as well as a framework for the development new information management applications. The 1.0 release scheduled for early next year will focus on calendar, email and contacts, as well as providing an effective framework for developers to add data types and viewers of interest to them.

Chandler is written primarily in Python, using wxWidgets as the UI toolkit, and Jabber as key infrastructure for sharing and collaboration. It runs on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. Chandler is in the early stages of development; there's plenty of interesting thinking still to be be done, however we're finally at a point where we can begin to reach out to the open source developer community to start helping us develop code.

Come learn more about Chandler, meet some members of the Chandler team, ask questions, and help us build something great.

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